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tv   The Willis Report  FOX Business  May 11, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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people the power to prosper. that's our show. see you next week. see you next week. with "the willis report" is next. liz: go browns. gerri: hello, everybody, i'm gerri willis. right now on "the willis report," are online tests the latest key to landing a job? also would you wait in line an hour for this? this is great. i'm telling you wish you were here. creator of the infamous cronut is here with the latest invention. if you write an online review, you better watch out. you could get sued. we're watching out for you on "the willis report." gerri: professional athletes and product endorsements are bigger than ever but what happens, what happens when great expectations are dashed? look at the young man known as "johnny football." last night, heisman trophy
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winner, johnny manziel waited for hours to be picked. will that hurt his chances to make big endorsement money? what does it mean for the game? joining me now, j.t. "the brick" from fox sports radio who says the big stars are worth the big bucks. with us tonight in studio is sports attorney steve olenick who says brands should beware. j.t., start with you first. were you surprised that john any football came in at 22 and what does it mean for his potential earnings on endorsements? >> doesn't mean much now, gerri. first year coming up here. he will have to prove he could play. took himprise, i thought number four and it would have been a good pick over all. he is perfect for the nfl he loves the limelight. he won the heisman trophy as you know in college. that set him up to sign autographs, to be in front of big crowds. to have a friendship with lebron james. he is going to jump right in to this feeding frenzy of advertise negotiate nfl. cleveland is not a big sports
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market. he will start off there and garnish everything in cleveland. if he can play and win games. gerri: somebody wants to disagree a little bit what you're saying. steve is cleveland a -- >> i'm from cleveland. it's a terrible market, gerri. gerri: really. >> yes, move the needle a little bit. what if he gets hurt? what if it becomes where there is derrick rose situation whereby you get all this money, guess what, he hasn't played in two years? nfl contracts are not guaranteed, gerri. gerri: i agree with that. you don't know what is going to happen, right? what about the money from endorsements? if you add up all the endorsement money for just top five flay players in any sport, it is $250 million. a lot of dough out there. will he get endorse man money. >> definitely. he already signed a deal with nike. he know his team fairly well. i think they will do a great job. will there be huge influx of johnny manziel corporate
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endorsers? i say no. gerri: no. okay, j.t., to you, i guess i got blown away on the cleveland idea. what do you expect to come down the road? i think what is interesting is, there are big questions out there whether these sports figures are truly being vetted before this money is being doled out. is there any change after what happened say with tiger woods, embarassments he faced as more women came out of the woodwork saying they had affairs with him? tiger scored major endorsement deals and lost many. do these companies, are they anymore serious about what they're doing? >> well these big companies, gerri will back off. if you have problems off the field with women, with drugs, if you lie to your customers, look at lance a strong. look at all the baseball players who took performance-enhancing drugs. they can't get endorsement deals. in ffl you don't get -- nfl that tiger woods and phil mickelson or roger federer, two of most famous athletes in the world
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that don't play in the nfl that play soccer globally. for united states, a player like johnny manziel, he has to start off strong. russell wilson was third round draft pick for seahawks. ended up winning super bowl. now the national endorsements will complying in. the biggest thing cleveland has to worry about four years when johnny manziel says he is gone, he wants to go to new york, if los angeles has a team or wants to go to miami? so the fans in cleveland better hope that he stays in cleveland when he really gets good so he can start winning super bowls and take that team to championship. they haven't won since jim brown in 1965. gerri: here is what i to know, steve when, i look at this situation. it's golfers, it's tennis players who get the big bucks. some basketball players. what happens to baseball? why is maria sharapova only woman on list? >> public perception, don't resonate. don't see their face. football players are covered by helmets. if johnny manziel doesn't win, guess what?
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they will talk about him being a bust. if you look at all the quarterbacks drafted at 22, brady quinn, bust. brandon weeden, bust. gerri: sound like you're saying these companies don't necessarily vet these players very well for the money they give them. >> no. all the hype. you have to go with the mark key guys coming out every single year. there is so much competition you need to get that particular person. gerri: j.t., to you what is the impact of money on the game? does the endorse mane money run any of the sports strategy? >> well, endorsement money, gerri, is huge for the sport. remember roger goodell said last year he wants to take the nfl from a $10 billion sport to a $25 billion sport. look at ratings that cable got last night for the draft. the nfl can do no wrong. peyton manning and tom braid can have any endorsement deal they want much. peyton manning takes ones he wants.
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tom brady doesn't need it because his wife gisele bundchen makes more money. when it comes to football, you have to be a star. once joe montana won his first super bow, joe montana is in his 50s now and still has national endorsement deals because he is winner. if you don't win rings you're not getting endorsement deals. look at carmelo anthony in the new york with the knicks. if he doesn't win a ring that money will go down rest of his career. gerri: good stuff. guys, thanks for coming on. >> thanks for having me. >> thank you. gerri: that was fun. from football to the grocery store. heads up for consumers, labels what you think of healthy foods could be totally misleading. kellogg agreeing to a multimillion-dollar settlement being acaused of false advertising. kellogg is dropping terms, all natural, and nothing artificial from its labeling on the health-conscious cereal brand kashi. didn't you think that was most natural thing in the world and
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bare naked products. can you trust claims on packaging begin? we have a director of food and water watch. patty, welcome back. what is in kashi that i didn't know about? >> this lawsuit in particular was about a couple of vitamins that they add. so they're making synthetic forms of a vitamin and adding them. using chemicals to extract things from a soybeans, various soy products are extracted and use chemicals things like that to get the soy protein and -- see in a lot of processed food. gerri: here is in my notes. soy oil processed with hexane, a component of gasoline. calcium -- i can't even pronounce this stuff, hydrochloride. when you have that many syllables, you have to think it is not good. >> right this is one of the problems, the word natural in most of the supermarket is really unregulated. we tell people it doesn't mean anything. you should look past it and look at ingredient list for yourself.
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gerri: you make a very good point. the food and drug administration does not regulate the term, all natural. fda has not develop ad term for the use natural and derivatives. they don't object if the food doesn't contain added color or artificial flavors or synthetic substances. what should the fda do? what should consumers do? even if the fda changed its mind nothing would change quickly? >> this has been an issue for a long time. for decade the fda is afraid to take on food processors and take action on this. they should start to look at this word. there has been so many lawsuits that a few months ago some of the judges in a different lawsuit urged fda to look at this because there is such confusion and really being worked out in the courts. fda said, oh, we don't know if we're going to touch it. we need fda not allow the use of word, that is one option, use natural on processed foods or set terms that people can rely, i know it means this, this and
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this. you may not agree with the terms but at least you know what they are but now it is chaos. gerri: it is chaos and it will not change anytime soon i don't think. what should consumers do when they go shopping and see word, organic nick? what claims can you believe? >> that is good point. organic is much more regulated. usda organic in green and white circle there is set of regulation what is that means. you may agree with all of them. you may disagree with all of them. i was at a meeting last week where we had a big fight what the standards should be but we know what they are and it is really enforcement behind them. that is meaningful label for consumers. gerri: natural and all natural has no meaning. >> right. gerri: are there there other claims you can disnecessary out of hand and say, gerri, don't pay passengers to that? >> the most important thing you do look to ingredient list. shorter ingredient list. less processed food will have less chemicals you can't pronounce in them. some stickinging to the edge ofe
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store. not let processors do the work. make things if you can't make at home. if i can't make it at home, do i want to eat isn't. gerri: i say if you look at ingredient list and never seen one of the words on list, you shouldn't buy it. that is my way of grocery shopping. patty, thanks. >> thanks. gerri: still a lot more to come this hour including your voice. your opinion, it matters to us. during the show we want to you tweet us @gerriwillisfbn. i will read your tweets and emails. tell us what your opinion is on the segments we do. next, burger king has the beef. it wants in on a breakfast war between taco bell and mcdonald's but will customers bite? looks pretty good to me.
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yeah. i heard about progressive's "name your price" tool? i guess you can tell them how much you want to pay and it gives you a range of options to choose from. huh? i'm looking at it right now. oh, yeah? yeah. what's the... guest room situation? the "name your price" tool, making the world a little more progressive. gerri: the breakfast wars are heating up in the fast-food industry. we've been telling but that for weeks, right? taco bell pushing waffle tacos to white castle serving belgian waffle breakfast sandwiches. according to burger, burger king is getting in on action. instead of scrambling up eggs they want to push burgers for breakfast. do you like the idea? we have a registered dietician
10:14 pm
and author of book, younger next week. is this a good idea? >> i don't think it's a good idea. we have so many fastfood options, clogging people's arteries, expanding their waistlines and we need healthier and nutritious options and fast-food companies need to step up to the plate to provide those. gerri: what is interesting, all the other restaurants are essentially coming up with new solutions, right? new things to serve. burger king is saying no. why do you think that is? >> i think the thing is if consumers don't buy the products they're not going to sell the products. for example, when they offer veggie burgers way back when, some of the fast-food giants they didn't sell. so people, these companies want to give people what they want. they want convenience. they want comfort food, when they're rushing in the morning and want something quick and easy that tastes good. >> answer my next question, why is everybody so focused on breakfast? >> i think breakfasted as registered dietician and nutritionist talk about benefits of brake as all of us do. gerri: you will not recommend a
10:15 pm
burger. >> when you start something with a burger, setting you up to consume more calories. gerri: how? >> consume more saturated fat and sodium in the context of your entire day. setting your taste buds up to want those things. if you don't make a healthy option in the morning, don't make a healthy choice in the morning that will rob you of food groups and nutrients that those foods provide rest of the day. gerri: that is really interesting. what should we do about this? should there be a law somewhere? >> think the law should be about food advertising. companies should only advertise things that add value inners of it nutrition and health with very a obesity crisis. the government has to step up. gerri: oh my. they're in -- shouldn't people make smart decisions on their own. i know they don't always do it. >> absolutely. gerri: i would defend the right to have a burger anytime i want to you. i don't always do it. >> if you have a marketing machine spending billions of dollars to lure consumers
10:16 pm
sending mixed messages. gerri: are consumers big victim here? i think they're making choices on their own. i think most people know what bad foods are. i don't think -- >> but they're lured. i think combination of the government playing a role to make advertising less prevalent especially with children. and i think it is up to the consumer to look in their own home, their own pantry and make better choices. >> mom and dad have to tell little johnny and sally what to eat. that is the missing link in that conversation. >> i think it is all of it. i think it is government and i think it is personal responsibility and a marriage not being successful as of right now for people's health. gerri: thank you for coming on the show. great to have you here, appreciate it. thanks to lisa. we want toe no what you think. here is our question. would you eat a burger for breakfast? i might. sometimes your breakfast time is my dinnertime. log on to vote on the right-hand side of the screen. i will share the results at the end of tonight's show. later in the show we answer a question, how do you do that.
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gerri: coming up next, it's a whole new way to interview for a job. the online test using the power of big data.
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gerri: in highly competitive job market, you have to write the rest may, dress up, go to interview and tell a complete vanger your life story and asking you for more. they want to you take a test. what does this entail?
10:21 pm
what do you have to do to take this test? here to explain is babich and associate president, tony bashara. welcome back to the show. you know poor people trying to get a job out there if it is not one thing it's another. now it is this. you have to take some kind of -- it is an online test? have you seen this before? oh, yeah, 40% of the companies out there give some type of psychological, intelligence or behavioral testing. so you better get used to it. i teach in my online program the job search solution, how to manuever these these but you better get used to them because they're here to stay. gerri: now i understand it is all the way up and down the line from an entry level position to the c-suite. >> yeah. gerri: why are they so stuck on this? why is this so important now? >> well it's a way that psychologists can go out and test an organization to find out these standards in an organization. the kind of personality that
10:22 pm
fits. companies are better at being able to predict a person's success in the company, if they predict the, or they can find, if the background of the person, their intelligence or their personality, is the same as the ones of the people in the company. gerri: now, tell me your advice to people who might face one of these tests. how should they -- >> oh, yeah. gerri: how should they think about them? >> three or four things. don't bitch and moan and gripe. gerri: like i just did. >> i'm not very good at it. you better get used to it and tell yourself you are good at it. secondly, don't take the thing after you've had three or four beers or you're watching, babysitting the kids or watching the nba finals. take them seriously, when you're rested, well-fed and, and take it like it means something. you can go online and practice. a lot of people don't know that. i had a cap date a few years ago that went online an took a number of, intelligence tests
10:23 pm
until he proved himself, he proved himself he was upper 2% of the people in the country and showed the results of tests to companies he interviewed with. you can practice. gerri: we'll practice right now. we have two questions. i will read them and you help our viewers understand what the right answer would be. >> great. gerri: let's imagine you're interviewing for a bank teller job. so the question you would get when interviewing for the job is this. a customer comes to you by telephone obviously, says i made a deposit last monday and haven't seen it added to my account yet. sosomebody applying for the job, how would you respond? how would you stalk to them? the answer to this, a, i think i know what happened. give me a minute to look into this for you. or, b, sorry to lear that you lost your deposit. give me a minute to look into this for you. c, i can certainly look into this for you. d, i'm sorry for the delay. let me look into this for you. now these are, this is tough. tony, what is the right answer?
10:24 pm
>> yeah the answer is c. you want to show them that you care and interested. i would never begin a conversation or i won't recommend, we train customer service people, never start with i'm sorry. gerri: no. >> not the rest of your family. gerri: why not apologize if the bank made a mistake? >> yeah, well you don't know that. gerri: okay. >> 50% of the time the consumer made the mistake. the fact that i want to look into it for you shows that i care, and that i'm interested. gerri: and answer was, i can certainly look into that for you. here's another question. >> yeah. gerri: this one's toughy. this is coaching for a manager, a front line manager who has to fire somebody, okay? the question is this. an employee's you supervise has been showing a poor attitude, coming in late, missing meetings. she has come to your office. how do you start the conversation? remember you're going to fire here are answers you can choose from. a, reached a decision, i'm not particularly excited about but decided to let you go.
10:25 pm
b, if it were up to me we wouldn't be having this conversation. hmmm. c, your behavior was unacceptable and you left me no other choice but to fire you! or. did, the reason i have called you in here because i have to let you go. which one of those is right? >> d is the right one. where most states are work at will states you can fire anybody for whatever reason you wish and walk off the job for whatever reason you wish. you don't have to explain to people why you're firing them. they usually know why. you just say, look, you're out of here. thanks for your time. good luck. gerri: don't explain. that's is the moral of that story. >> no. gerri: if you're in that hiring, if you're one of those people who actually hires somebody, you know, less talk is more talk. don't need to say a lot. >> yeah. don't want to get into an argument, yes. gerri: so people who are, in the business of trying to find a job, or having to deal with hr departments and they're highly complicated, lots of rules, lots of laws as we just talked about.
10:26 pm
is hr out of control? seems to me it is in the way of having an honest conversation with somebody at the company? >> well, there are, i know a lot of hr people that are really wonderful peel but many times they're what we call the hiring roadblock, not the human resources. they're the roadblock. they're there to protect the company. they certainly a really good job when they can but as far as the best hiring and all of that, it goes on with the direct hiring of authorities themselves. the people that really do the job. gerri: right. >> and it's best to establish rapport. if you're a candidate with those kinds of people, you may have to go through hr. you may not have much choice. but the best thing to do is to get to the people, the person actually doing the hiring. gerri: terrific. tony, thank you. >> a pleasure. thank you. gerri: and it is time for a look at stories you're clicking on it's a good day for our 401(k). the dow ending the week at a
10:27 pm
record high, yay. the market got a boost from momentum stocks. price hike for netflix of the company is raising video streaming plan by a dollar a month to nine for new customers. the old price of $8 will continue until may 2016 for existing 36 million subscribers. netflix says it needs more revenue to pay for more original programming. mixed reaction from analysts that beats electronics is scope to being scooped up by apple. that would be the biggest -- apple's stock ending week likely down. radio shack is planning to close fewer stores than expected. electronics retailer unveiled plans in march, remember this, to close more than a thousand stores because of disappointing holiday sales. due to disagreement with company's lenders, radioshack will only close 200 stores this year. those are some of the hot stories on still to come, americans are
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finally heading back to the showroom. how to make sure you get the best deal when buying a used car. we go to award winning new york bakery that gave us the cronut. this is such a great story. we look at their latest delicious creation. wait until you see what i got to munch down on when folks think about what they get from alaska, they think salmon and energy. but the energy bp produces up here creates something else as well: jobs all over america. engineering and innovation jobs. advanced safety systems & technology. shipping and manufacturing. across the united states, bp supports more than a quarter million jobs. when we set up operation in one part of the country, people in other parts go to work. that's not a coincidence. it's one more part of our commitment to america.
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10:32 pm
two things are at work here. one is the fact that cars last longer and other thing, like you mentioned with the recession, people just haven't been able to buy new cars. gerri: now you believe in preowned. if you're buying preowned do you buy it from a dealership? and what are the advantages and disadvantages of preowned? >> i think the manufacture you ares have certified preowned perhaps, and when they do, they inspect the car and then, when they decide that it's a good car for them to retail as a used car, they will put a warranty behind it. so when you go to a dealership you have an opportunity to buy a near new car with same sorts of warrants and pretexts you get if you -- warranties and protections you get from buying a new car. gerri: when i buy a car i don't put mileage so it's a great deal for somebody. they search online for a new car, used car and drive all over the country getting it.
10:33 pm
is that a good idea? >> well, i think the first part of it is very important that you have to do your research. you know, you come to the sites like ours and find out what the value and what the market is. and what that does is for two things. one, you will have the information going on, on to the lot knowing whether or not it's a good deal. and the second thing is, you can also tell that there may not that be big of a walkup from a used car to a new car. so having all that information is important. but, i think searching all over country, there are so many cars, unless you have a very specific car in mind, you can find your cars at a local dealer. >> at a local dealer? i like that. >> local, yes. gerri: one of the things we've been talking about for weeks here is the big gm recall. millions of cars being recalled and you find them on used car lots, with no changes made, no improvements made. what do people need to do if they want to avoid that recalled
10:34 pm
car on a used car lot? >> this goes again to doing all that research ahead of tile before you even go out to physically look for a car. you can go to the national highway traffic safety administration's website, on there they will have a list of all vehicles that have been recalled. so you can find the particular type or car on there and see if it has had an action. then also, when you go to the dealership, if you know that that car's been recalled, you can ask them to put the vin number in and find out if the recall work has in fact been done. ing, if it is in a certified preowned program most likely the dealership has done work on the car and is ready to put a warranty on it to that effect. gerri: a lot of cars are lasting longer and longer. does it make sense to buy used and are prices higher than they have been or lower? >> well, prices had gotten higher. you know every used car was a new car at some point. so when we looked at a market
10:35 pm
like we had in 2008, sales literally fell off of a cliff, you had a situation where there were no future used cars being made. so, there was a period where used car values actually climbed relative to the value of a new car. and then when the walkup from the used car to the new car wasn't that far, people started buying new cars again which create ad cycle of more used cars coming into the market. so over the last couple of years we've seen a glut of leases in the marketplace. a lot of those went out on a two or three-year contract. those vehicles will be coming through the used car market. gerri: a lot of cars out there to buy, that's for sure. >> they will be coming through. gerri: matt, thank you for being on. >> thank you. gerri: from cars to food. do you remember the name, dominic ansel? he is an award-winning pastry chef thanks to his creation last
10:36 pm
year called the cronut. remember that? well he is back with a new creation that debuted just this morning but i got to get a sneak-peek and taste of his newest hybrid. it is called the wafegato. check it out. ♪ welcome to the home of dominic ansel. he is the inventor of the cronut and once more he just won the james beard foundation's pastry chef of the year award, very big deal in foodie circles. he invented something else he will at the us about. tell us about it? >> it is a something i did fortes of the nation which is a charity that helps fighting against hunger for kids. gerri: what's in it? >> so essentially a scoop of vanilla ice cream. wafigato. it is ice cream shaped like waffle where inside little
10:37 pm
pieces of waffle. gerri: what is that? >> it is a some little bubble that you have like in tea. for example the little pearls. we pour over coffee or maple syrup. gerri: you pour that over? >> uh-huh. -- waffigato. ♪ look at that. now you won this big award and i mean, everybody will pay attention to you now because james beard, huge, the foundation is huge. you have a new book coming out. what is that going to be about? >> it will be called a book of secret recipes. i do it with simon & schuster and comes out in november and talk about recipes and innovation. how you yourself can make them in your kitchen at home. gerri: you're from paris. so i expect you to be all what we're supposed to be making and you're not. you're totally different from that. >> very important for me to be creative. to have a lot of imagination and do what i love which is, you know, doing your thing and make my customers happy.
10:38 pm
♪ gerri: this is and waffles together, right? >> uh-huh. gerri: and so, oh, look at tapioca. that is awesome. yummy. >> fun part is when the ice cream starts melting with the hot coffee a little bit like a milkshake. gerri: this is awesome. love it. this is great. i'm telling you would wish you were here. hmm. i couldn't stop eating that thing. it was so yummy. you're going to have to watch out for him, dominic. thanks to you, dominic, and to your staff for letting us visit. get this, while we were there we wanted to try some legendary cronuts as well, but they were sold out. baker said it has been a year since the cronuts debut, croissant, doughnut, the popular pastry sells out within an hour or so every single morning. 100 people stand in line.
10:39 pm
unbelievable. time for your voice, right? we want to hear from you and put your comments in the middle of the show. that is how important it is. tonight we asked you the question, would you eat a burger for breakfast because burger king is rolling out burgers for breakfast at their stores. rick told us this. whatever happened to a healthy home-cooked breakfast meal? tim tweets, a real 100% beef burger is as good as cold pizza in the morning, not the fast-food burger with who knows what it is made of. glendale posted this on my facebook page. if i'm hungry i will eat almost anything. i'm with you. april says, no, i don't eat fast-food. most of those who do don't care what they put into bodies and what they do it. here is on of your emails. gail is reporting on story about financial advisors are they really worth the money. here is last thing i do. last time i did i lost $80,000. the only person who really cares about your money is you. if you have some money to
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saying, they are fake, they are trash. >> talking about the reviews. not really about the product. but the point is this totally backfired on the company. they tried to lean on this kid or whoever he is. gerri: we don't know. >> they wrote him a threatening letter. they didn't sue him. they know he doesn't have money to get sued over anyway. goes to read it, this other big website. now the whoa world knows about it and amazon revoked their privileges. it isn't a smart move. >> what, amazon's perspective? >> from the company's perspective beating on one guy said something negative. >> you can't have people out there saying you are fraudulent.
10:47 pm
when you say something is fraudulent you're breaking the law. that goes beyond opinion and first amendment. >> well i think, again we was talking about reviewers. but the point is -- >> doesn't look that way when you look at it. only half of the states. gerri: hang on, hang on. here is the letter, the legal letter to the online reviewer. cease and desist, refrain from any further defamatory injuries conduct. they want him to agree to purchase any of the company's products. agree to never publicly comment on in any online forum about any other products. should you fail to comply, media bridge will take action and amazon says the guy's right. >> they can't go that far. the company can not go that far. can't force him not to do something in the future. gerri: that is overreach. >> i'm making point what is already posted. they can't go forward, can't do that. >> if the company was really sincere. they would have sued the guy. they threatened him because they don't want to sue him and back him up and send a message to
10:48 pm
other people. don't say anything about about our products. >> not saying anything bad. what we're doing out there is fraudulent that is the point. not that what we are doing, what you're say something necessarily -- gerri: i think this is such a great topic, quickly, why would amazon weigh in on the side of the young fellow? >> i think what they're saying they want people feel comfortable to say what they have to say, not worry about -- hit them with a lawsuit. >> all about me. always is. >> about you and bill. terrific. >> thank you. >> still to come, my two cents more. our nation's heroes are coming home but they are not getting proper treatment. next the disturbing details in a new investigation. stay with us.
10:49 pm
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gerri: the agency responsible for helping our nation's heroes. they are under fire tonight. eric shinseki set to appear before house committee next week. facing multiple calls to resign. officials have said that is accused of finding out about documents being destroyed. here we have a special assistant to the va department secretary. so you're in a good position to talk about the unbelievable issue. what we're talking about here, and i want to to detail it even more, we think that the va
10:53 pm
somehow hoaxes happen. what is going on? can you describe in detail the problems of fraud and abuse that is hurting our nation's heroes? >> what we are having is also coming up in places like fort collins and austin, texas. around the country and other areas as well. veterans are sick, they are trying to make their appointments committee think that they are making appointments, but what is happening is those appointments are getting away for months and months. meanwhile, the va has been deleting those records and keeping them in a secret list so their records look good. gerri: what is the point of deleting the records two. >> well, what will happen is the veterans will show up and be in the system for for five months.
10:54 pm
and so they want to keep this good. and so they take them out of the system and it's within the 14 day window, then they think that they look good. meanwhile i had this happen happened to a friend of mine in los angeles, then they are having advanced stages of cancer and then they are dying. and that is unacceptable and not must stop. >> i completely agree with you and you make a very good point. gerri: he worked in the epa, did you see this when you were there? and spend some time, but were there a lot of fraud and abuse? was there this kind of problem going on? >> i was just astounded when this happened because it so difficult for and what everyone has wrought. was there fraud and abuse? yes.
10:55 pm
and we had some bad computer systems they say, things like that. but the line was always drawn before and for them to play games, something has happened in the last for five years it is going to push people over the line. gerri: is it the fault of eric shinseki? >> i worked for two secretaries. but in this case i have watched them closely last three years and every time they failed to act. and he's not providing the leadership. anything to him is a training issue. inside, outside, disengage, only
10:56 pm
now is he willing to talk. you can't treated the same way and if you can can't leave come you have to get out of the way. and he's been a bad commander at the va, but this just does not transfer to the va and therefore he has to go. gerri: thank you so much for bringing up this story. what a sad one. we appreciate it. >> gets this is the quicksilver cash back card from capital one. it's not the "limit your hard earned cash back" card . it's not the "confused by rotating categories" card. it's the no-category-gaming, no-look-passing, clear-the-lane-i'm- going-up-strong, backboard-breaking, cash back card. this is the quicksilver cash back card from capital one. unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, every single day. i'll ask again... what's in your wallet? [ male announcer ] it's one of the most amazing things we build
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gerri: finally tonight, what i eat a hamburger for breakfast? are irking wants to use on? more power to them. a component of gas is not something that i want in my breakfast cereal. right now than were natural and all-natural infused loosely.
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and that kind of promotion undermines trust in brands. that is my "two cents more". that's it for tonight "willis good evening, everybody. breaking news at this hour. the house of representatives has just voted to hold former internal revenue service official lois lerner in contempt of congress. lerner refused to cooperate with the house oversight committee's investigation into the targeting of serconserve ty groups. the house approved the resolution just a moment ago. the vote, 231-187. six democrats did vote along with the entire republican membership. lerner would become the second obama administration official to be held in contempt of congress after attorney general eric holder who became the first sitting u.s. attorney general in amer


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